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A chat Room is the place used for sending Instant messaging to Some extent it is similar to Instant massaging but instead of one-to-one communication, Users join these room which creates a sense of Group chatting by simply selecting a Suitable Nick. For joining these Room you are not required to register yourself first, you can join them by simple step of selecting your Nick, Chat Room is a service provided by different ISP’s that provides an environment to a group of people to communicate with each others through texting. In these chat rooms there are owners who select Admins and then they collectively ensure the smooth running of these chat rooms and also look after other affair, They set a code of conduct and rules and regulations for users which the users have to abide with these Rules and observe them while staying there, These chat rooms are primarily created with the aim to provide people with an environment where they can use their spare time more effectively by interacting with people of different localities, Areas and Even Countries.As it is a common human nature that they are keen in getting information about others culture, Traditions and Norms So These chat rooms are the best platform for satisfying their Keenness. These Chat rooms develop a sense of understanding between people and they also came to know about the life, culture and traditions of the resident of other localities. Trough these chat rooms initially people interact with each others which slowly and gradually develops into the bonds of friendship, So keeping the above mentioned aim in mind We created blog GupshupChatRoom for providing people with activities ranging from entertainment to information and knowledge. Here people can share their views openly regarding a specific Topic to each others and also come to know about others’ views. Besides entertainment people also discus different Social Issues and Social Evils and try to sort out their Solution and also the ways that how to get rid of these Evils.

Author: Bicho0